Open Source

Een selectie van eigen initiatieven en onze bijdrages aan open source projecten

Open source software is een cruciaal deel van al onze techniek, van web app tot embedded software. Door de jaren heen verandert onze stack; de open source basis blijft. Waar we kunnen dragen we ons steentje bij om de open source community nog sterker te maken.

Embedded Rust

In 2019 we started running embedded projects with Rust. Lars, Henk Dieter and Wouter worked on several open source drivers for embedded devices such as a driver crate for the Texas Instruments ADS1292 for ECG applications.

Recently Wouter added embedded_async_timer to It provides an interface and a generic implemention of a timer that can handle multiple concurrent deadlines using the Future architecture provided by Rust.


IRMA meets Jitsi

With irma-jitsi you can enter a Jitsi videoconference securely with an immutable authenticated identity. The authentication is done using IRMA, a digital passport on your phone.

This project was partially funded using public european funds, and subsequently further developed by us with contributions by Wouter and Esmee.

Visit for a short demo.

Another IRMA-related open source project, "Veilig bellen" is a project to allow municipalities to accept calls from citizens authenticated with IRMA, commissioned by Dutch local government.


Cloud storage abstraction for Node.js

Developed by Daniel, storage-abstraction provides an abstraction layer for interacting with a storage; this storage can be a local file system or a cloud storage. Currently local disk storage, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud and Amazon S3 and compliant cloud services are supported.

Also see the related blog post, Cloud storage simplification and abstraction for Node.js or give the npm package a try.