About Tweede golf

We are a close group of engineers and developers with a background in cyber security, mathematics and computer science. We find it important to work in an environment in which we continuously improve our engineering skills and challenge each other. At the same time, we are a long-term agency: for colleagues as well as for our clients. As far as we are concerned, attention for each other is key.

What we do

Our domain is safe software: writing safe and privacy-friendly software is the common theme in all our work. We're here to make sure security is a thing from the get-go, not an afterthought.

We operate best in situations with a high degree of uncertainty, where we help convert novel ideas or technologies into safe, production-ready software. We do that for (and in collaboration with) universities & foundations. tech start-ups and governments.

Our open-source toolbox includes Node.js, Rust & Embedded Rust, Go, React, Symfony and Flutter and on the operations side, Docker, Ansible, and Kubernetes, among others.

How we see the world.

Software has been built the wrong way for 10 years. That's why these days, our industry spends most of her time patching the leaks.

Now that our lives have become highly digitalized we experience the consequences of unsafe software and poorly protected data every day. It is about time to reevaluate our priorities.

We believe that the design of safe and privacy-friendly software is the responsibility of all software builders, whether you are a freelancer, an agency or big tech.

Security and privacy thus become the domain of software makers, not just that of pen testers and consultants.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - even more so in software.


  • Software engineer
  • rick@tweedegolf.com

Through the annual company orientation day of his university, Rick discovered that Tweede golf develops embedded software in Rust, the language that would later become his favorite. He started doing a full-time internsRead more

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  • Security software engineer
  • david@tweedegolf.com

David made the switch to Tweede golf in the fall of 2020. His goal: to contribute to the privacy and security-related projects at Tweede golf, work he previously performed for the Privacy by Design Foundation as one of tRead more



  • Embedded software engineer
  • henk@tweedegolf.com

Henk came across Tweede golf through his interest in Rust, Stack Overflow's most loved language for six years in a row. He wrote his thesis on a decentralized stake pool for Ethereum and was lead developer at the GroninRead more

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  • Software engineer
  • maximilian@tweedegolf.com

Maximilian (we can call him Max) has recently joined Tweede golf and he'll spend most of his time at TG learning and working with React and Rust (because Kubernetes, Docker, Helm and Golang simply couldn´t satiate his cuRead more

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  • Embedded software engineer
  • folkert@tweedegolf.com

Folkert is a real Rust enthusiast and that makes him a perfect fit for the team. He wants to focus primarily on applying Rust within embedded issues and low-level programming in general in which he feels completely at hoRead more



  • Business developer
  • len@tweedegolf.com

Len supports Hugo and Erik in sales, business development and marketing. He combines his part-time job at Tweede golf with his studies in Business Administration. In his work he is energetic and likes to get things doneRead more



  • Software Engineer
  • ruben@tweedegolf.com

Ruben can rightfully be called a full stack developer, with many years of experience. He knows a lot (a lot!) about many different techniques. He watches over the architecture of applications and does not accept half-bakRead more

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  • intern embedded software
  • janno@tweedegolf.com

Janno has hit the (Rusty) jackpot working on Tweede golf's embedded projects. He is determined to learn and show as much as he can, in part to further his education at HAN (Embedded Software Development), but also to comRead more



  • Marketing & Partnerships
  • liset@tweedegolf.com

Liset has a Master's in English linguistics, which included an internship programming machine translation software as well as a thesis on the embarrassing (but funny) effects of language misconceptions in international aRead more

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  • Co-owner & Business developer
  • hugo@tweedegolf.com

Hugo is Tweede golf's first point of contact for the outside world, responsible for business development, account management and hiring. He is also project lead in the team that works for Soil Heroes. He studied MathemaRead more

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  • Co-owner & Software engineer
  • erik@tweedegolf.com

He facilitates, takes a helicopter view, monitors interests and connects. He is the keen analyst who asks exactly the right questions. Having studied physics and philosophy, he ended up in software through a detour. WitRead more

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  • Co-owner & Lead developer
  • marlon@tweedegolf.com

Marlon is always working on software development, from DevOps to UX. That also applies at home. Whether it's the lights, the mechanical ventilation, the central heating or the alarm, everything has to be automated. He isRead more

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  • Backend developer
  • marlonpeeters@tweedegolf.com

Yes really, a second Marlon. And a very special one at that. Marlon likes a challenge. He functions best in a close-knit team where the bar is set high. Collaboration is very important to him and he wants to continue to Read more

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  • HR medewerker
  • tinka@tweedegolf.com

Where would we be without Tinka? She focuses on the well-being and (personal) development of her colleagues. In addition, she takes care of all earthly matters so that the techies can do their programming. She graduatedRead more

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  • Embedded software engineer
  • dion@tweedegolf.com

Dion is the newest addition to Tweede golf's embedded team. He is an experienced Rust and embedded software developer who previously worked for 247TailorSteel to optimize their production process. At Tweede golf, he willRead more

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  • Backend developer
  • bram@tweedegolf.com

Bram gained eternal fame as the founder of Frietopia, an advocate of the Dutch fries culture. He studied computer science and philosophy at Radboud University and has been working at Tweede golf for years. He’s a very eRead more

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  • Front-end developer
  • daniel@tweedegolf.com

Daniel is a developer and researcher with a heart for open source. He wrote an open-source library for linking MIDI instruments to a web page when most of us were still finishing high school. His library was picked up anRead more

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  • Security software engineer
  • arjen@tweedegolf.com

In 2021, Arjen made the switch to Tweede golf. As an expert in the field of security with a background in pentesting, he mainly focuses on IRMA and other security-related projects. In addition, Arjen wants to broaden hisRead more

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  • Embedded software consultant
  • wouter@tweedegolf.com

Wouter's hobbies? Compilers, electronics and playing with OpenGL. But he can also be found regularly in Grip boulder hall, just like Marlon. He’s a senior developer with in-depth knowledge, the type you pick first on youRead more

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