Our work

A selection of our work in digital infrastructure and embedded systems.


Time synchronization

Running on millions of devices and servers, NTP and PTP are vital building blocks of the Internet and other critical infrastructure. Our initiative, Project Pendulum, provides memory-safe time synchronization.

Funded by Sovereign Tech Fund, Prossimo and NLnet Foundation.

Sudo and su

For the ISRG, the creators of Let's Encrypt, we implemented sudo-rs, a Rust implementation of the ubiquitous Linux 'sudo' command, critical on open-source operating systems that power the Internet.

The project is a joint effort with Ferrous Systems.

Embedded systems

IoT tracking sensor

Dutch IoT Solutions build asset trackers. They are very low power and water resistant, with LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT and Wi-Fi connectivity. Due to its unique algorithm the tracker has a lifetime of over 5 years on the same batteries. Our joint team developed the firmware and backend services for the platform these devices run on.

Satellite firmware

Our team supported the developers at Gama Space with their on-board solar sail satellite firmware, which deploys the sail and facilitates communication to the ground station. Gama Space works on solair sailing to enable deep space exploration and chose Rust as their core technology to ensure maximal reliability of their software systems.

Critical infrastructure

Emergency response

Dutch emergency services (fire brigade, ambulance, trauma helicopter etc) depend on the P2000 paging system to respond to alarms. This system is from the 90s, making resources and bandwidth extremely limited. We worked on a new Rust implementation, including scheduling and encoding messages for the pagers, in collaboration with our client's engineers, Technolution.

What Internet Security Research Group has to say:

Delivering solid results quickly, comes from a team that is focused on the task at hand. That definitely is an aspect of TG's work that we appreciate because it leads to impressive efficiency.
Josh Aas
Executive Director and Co-Founder - Internet Security Research Group