Rust engineering

We build software that plays a key role in our digital infrastructure.
Our engineers are Rust experts. They have ample experience designing and building software for systems, web and embedded platforms.

What we offer

Rust expertise

Security by design

  • Type & memory-safety
  • Secure development lifecycle
  • Handling audits and compliance


Internet Security Research Group:

Delivering solid results quickly, comes from a team that is focused on the task at hand. That definitely is an aspect of TG's work that we appreciate because it leads to impressive efficiency.
Josh Aas
Executive Director and Co-Founder - Internet Security Research Group

Rust for critical infrastructure

We believe that software must become safer; that this is paramount in critical infrastructure; and that Rust is an outstanding choice of technology for this purpose.
Critical infrastructure are those systems that we as a society rely on daily. The software that these systems are built on needs to be safe, secure and reliable. Rust is a modern technology that - due to its inherent memory-safety, its strict type system and its helpful tools - aids developers in writing code that is robust, more than C or C++ usually does.
While we don't view Rust as a silver bullet, or even the only possible solution, we have gained enough experience and knowledge of this language to confidently claim we are better engineers because of it, and our software is more robust because of it.

Our work

Blogs and cases to judge our experience by

Satellite firmware

Our team supported the developers at Gama Space with their on-board solar sail satellite firmware, which deploys the sail and facilitates communication to the ground station. Gama Space works on solar sailing to enable deep space exploration and chose Rust as their core technology to ensure maximal reliability of their software systems.

Bluebird Power:

Tweede golf developed a crucial part of the charging control firmware in our home EV charging station, ahead of schedule. We're especially glad that the same team of developers will be working with us on the next steps of this project. We are impressed by both the quality and the pace of Tweede golf's work.
Bart Holthuizen
Co-Founder - Bluebird Power

Committed to Rust

Software must become safer, and not just our own. We are committed to consolidating the adoption of Rust:
  • Education

    We developed Rust 101, a ready-to-use university course to help teachers of computer sciences to get their students started with Rust.
  • Open-source work

    We contribute to the community by doing our work open source whenever we can.
  • Advocacy

    We support the community as a silver member of the Rust foundation and as a regular organisor or sponsor of community events.

Hire our Rust experts!

Our engineers are Rust experts and have ample experience designing and building software for systems, web and embedded platforms.

They can lead your team, work as part of your team (team augmentation) or work as a standalone team.

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