Rust interop guide

Talking to Rust from other languages (and vice versa)

What does it actually take to make new Rust code talk directly to your existing software?

This series of blog posts can help you to introduce Rust into your codebase step by step, whether it's C, C++, Python, Node.js, Java, or JavaScript.

  • Mix in Rust
  • Mix in Rust with C
  • Mix-in Rust with C: Delegating FFI definitions to Diplomat (June 2024)
  • Mix in C with Rust: A taste of C in your Rust (June 2024)
  • Mix in Rust with Python: PyO3 (July 2024)
  • More coming soon! (July 2024)
June 6, 2024

Mix in Rust

What does it actually mean to introduce Rust in an existing project, and having it communicate with other languages in the code base? This article launches a series of blog posts that provide guidance for introducing Rust into your code base step by step.
Embedded software engineer
June 7, 2024

Mix in Rust with C

So, you've just read my previous post on Rust interoperability in general, and now you're curious about how to actually apply the concepts to your situation. You've come to the right place, because in this post and the two that follow, I'll demonstrate how to make Rust and C talk to each other.
Embedded software engineer

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