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  • Software engineer
  • rick@tweedegolf.com

Through the annual company orientation day of his university, Rick discovered that Tweede golf develops embedded software in Rust, the language that would later become his favorite.

He started doing a full-time internship with us, mainly working with the LoRa-E5 Dev Board and seamlessly continued his stay writing his thesis. With his studies successfully completed he joined the Tweede golf team, now working on the Rust back-end system of Lightyear

Away from work he likes to work on his own projects and plays computer or tabletop games.

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Blog posts by Rick

Last September, at the start of my internship at Tweede Golf, my tutors gave me a LoRa-E5 Dev Board. My task was to do something that would make it easier to write applications for this device in Rust. Here's what I did.