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Rick is a versatile developer with some experience in embedded, but he has most recently been working on Olifantenpaadje, NLnetLabs's Krill, and TG's Statime project, which is a Rust implementation of the Precision Time Protocol.

When he's not developing for Tweede golf, Rick likes to work on his own projects and plays computer or tabletop games.

Asynchronous programming is pretty weird. While it is straightforward enough to understand in principle (write code that looks synchronous, but may be run concurrently yada yada yada), it is not so obvious how and when async functions actually perform work. This blog aims to shed light on how that works in Rust.
Ever wanted to have a quickly put together command-line tool to delete large chunks of your project automatically? Me neither, but my colleague Marc made a pretty convincing argument as to why such a tool could be useful. So we went ahead and made it. Here are the results.
About one year ago, Tweede Golf announced "Statime", a Rust implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The result of that first phase was a working proof of concept. Quite a bit has changed since then.

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Statime is an initiative of Tweede golf, an open-source implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Rust.

High-precision timing is part of crucial networking infrastructure. With Statime we provide a memory-safe alternative for existing implementations.

The first milestones of the project were kindly co-funded by the NLnet Foundation.

Statime is part of Project Pendulum. In July of 2023 the Sovereign Tech Fund invested in Pendulum, securing development and maintenance in 2023, and maintenance and adoption work in 2024.