Experienced Embedded Engineer (Rust) - Full time

Are you in for something new? We’re looking for an embedded engineer with experience in both software and hardware to bulk up our embedded development capabilities.

What we're looking for

We're looking for:

  • At least three years of experience developing embedded software professionally
  • Excellent C or Rust programming skills, preferably with a computer science background
  • A love for Rust, obviously
  • Comfortable with hardware (soldering, debugging with an oscilloscope, EDA tools)
  • The belief that you can achieve more together than on your own
  • If from abroad (EU), willingness to relocate after 3 months into the job

About Tweede golf

We are a software development service provider located in Nijmegen, in the East of The Netherlands. Our domain is writing safe and privacy-friendly software. We want to make sure security is a thing from the get-go, not an afterthought.

Our team consists of highly educated, experienced, and motivated people, of which some have been working together for over a decade.

We love Rust. For embedded software development it's our language of choice. As a silver member of the Rust Foundation, we help push Rust's adoption. You can read more about that here.

We also love open source. Check out our GitHub for a full list of our (embedded) Rust-related contributions.

Your job

Our Rust development team is currently working on a super low power LTE IoT device for Dutch IoT Solutions and the flight software of French company GAMA Space’s solar sail satellite.

You will expand our embedded software capability and bring hardware expertise to the table.

You will spend most of your time working on firmware as part of a compact development team. In addition you will write the occasional post for our embedded blog and work on hardware. We also offer you the opportunity (optional) to contribute to the workshops and embedded Rust training we occasionally provide.

We offer

At Tweede golf, you will work at a company that actually cares about how people are doing, that the work we do is indeed interesting and that our clients do work that we value. You'll have ample opportunity to learn and further develop your skills.

We offer:

  • a full-time position with a competitive salary in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • the possibility for EU-citizens to start remotely and relocate after a few months
  • Working in a highly educated, experienced, and motivated team that loves technical challenges
  • a mixture of long-term clients and short projects
  • 27 vacation days
  • 10% pet project time
  • profit-sharing arrangement
  • pension
  • educational opportunities
  • personal development opportunities
  • daily lunch with your colleagues at the office

If you are an intermediary, please do not contact us.

Learn more or apply immediately?

Hugo is your contact for this job opening and will gladly answer your questions. Do you want to apply? Please enclose a short motivation and CV with your application. If we invite you, at least two interviews will follow, an assessment and we will ask for a reference.