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Wouter's hobbies? Compilers, electronics and playing with OpenGL. But he can also be found regularly in Grip boulder hall, just like Marlon. He’s a senior developer with in-depth knowledge, the type you pick first on your team, and who can get any job done.

Wouter studied computing science at RU and previously won a trip to San Francisco with Superplan, a personal agenda/assistant. He likes to write scrapers and sets the bar very high in his work.

With the current pandemic situation, it is hard to hold meetings at an appropriate and safe distance. Looking for secure alternatives, our local city government approached Tweede golf with developing a novel authenticated variant of videoconferencing, with the intention of holding city council meetings using this solution.
Typically embedded devices are developed using C++. At Tweede golf we have chosen to use Rust instead for implementing our embedded devices. This is controversial as the embedded hardware field is generally quite conservative. Convincing our clients to adopt Rust for their products can be a challenge.
At Tweede golf, we’ve been visiting meetups and conferences throughout the years. As we have high hopes for Rust, and a strong personal adoration for the language, we decided on hosting our own Rust meetup and starting a Rust Nijmegen group.

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Driver crate for the Texas Instruments ADS1292 24-bit 2-channel low-power analog front end for ECG applications.