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  • Co-owner & Business director

Hugo is Tweede golf's first point of contact for the outside world, responsible for business development, sales and hiring.

He studied Mathematics (BSc) and Finance (MSc, cum laude) and worked as a developer for 5 years before becoming a co-owner.

Apart from his work, he also likes to be outside, to run a trail or climb beautiful routes when on holiday with his business partner Marlon.

Will Rust still exist, and have proper support, 10, 20 or even 30 years from now? We’ve been asked this question multiple times in the last year. It is a fair question, as adopting any new technology requires an investment and comes with uncertainties, one of them being the durability of the technology. This article explains why we expect Rust to stand the test of time.
Our tagline reads “Software must become safer”, and for good reason; We feel very strongly about this. But it does lead to the obvious and fair question: “What exactly do you do to ensure that the software your teams produce is safe and secure?”
One of the hot topics in software security is memory safety. This article covers two questions: What is it? And why do we think it is worth investing in?