Our expertise

The common theme in all our work is turning novel ideas into safe software. We help to prove the feasibility of those ideas, to demonstrate new technology, or to bring a product to the market.

We'll make sure security and privacy are a thing even before the first line of code, not an afterthought.

We work for

Universities & foundations

For example for researchers that want to make new cryptography accessible in real-world applications (TRL 4-8).

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Tech start-ups

For example a medtech startup that wants to secure their connected devices using Rust.

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For example a local government protecting the privacy of citizens with the open-source identity platform Yivi (previously IRMA).

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What Soil Heroes has to say

At Soil Heroes we are closing in on the delivery of our SH Fairchain platform MVP [...] We could not have done so without our team at Tweede golf; we call them our 'tech team', their actual role and contribution goes far beyond that.

Jens van der Veer

Product owner - Soil Heroes