Safe software for (semi-)governments

In software made for large groups of citizens, privacy and security must be embedded in the design.

That is why we help municipalities and recently the Ministry of Health with safe open-source software for various use cases.

Projects we worked on include safeguarding privacy in the CoronaCheck app and the secure exchange of personal data of citizens with identity wallet Yivi (formerly IRMA).

Our subjects


  • Secure development
  • Threat analysis & code audit
  • Authentication using DigiD, Yivi

Privacy by Design

  • GDPR and data security
  • Pilots with identity wallet Yivi
  • Integration with Yivi

Development & operations

  • Open-source development
  • Common Ground
  • Secure operations

Tech we like

Yivi (formerly IRMA). A privacy-friendly digital passport that enables you to disclose only the relevant attributes of yourself.

Featured project: ID-contact

For ID Contact we researched the possibilities of digital identification: how can residents organize their personal government affairs in a simpler and more reliable way? By telephone, via chat or via a video call.

The ID Contact innovation pilot is a collaboration between the municipalities of Arnhem, Nijmegen and the Drechtsteden and knowledge partners such as the Tax Authorities and iHub (Radboud University).

Within the ID Contact team, Tweede golf provided the technology: the software that makes secure digital identification possible.

Working with Tweede golf

We are a close group of engineers and developers with backgrounds in information security, mathematics and computer science. We think active collaboration is the most important condition for success. In the day-to-day operations, our self-organising team will work directly with your product owner in a way that suits both you and our developers. The result is that they feel closely involved with your ideas and allowing them to work iteratively and effectively.

We have a long-term focus: we like to collaborate as long as possible and have no plans to sell our company. We hope we can continue to do this until we retire. We believe that this perspective is essential in creating an environment in which you can do your best work, together, continuously.

Whatever project you work on with us, large or small, you will always encounter a strong engineering mindset, the search for ever better software and tools, for elegant solutions and for secure and privacy-friendly software.

More on how we see the world

Yivi Innovation Lab

Want to try working with us? Then our Yivi Innovation Lab is an interesting option. A short-term project with a fixed price and deliverable: a working demo that shows what value can be achieved with Yivi in a case that is relevant to you.

More practical experience

Blogs and cases you can use to judge our experience by

Featured project

Privacy by Design Foundation

Tweede golf is preferred partner of the Privacy by Design Foundation, the founder of Yivi (formerly IRMA). We continu to contribute to technical support of Yivi, to the Yivi app for the City of Amsterdam and we work on Yivi innovations together with SIDN.

Privacy by DesignYiviIRMA

Clients & partners

Gemeente AmsterdamClient
Ministerie van VWSClient
Privacy by Design FoundationPreferred partner
SIDNInnovation partner

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