Team augmentation

Rust is a fast and efficient programming language that guarantees memory safety and type safety.

We offer flexible team augmentation options that accelerate your Rust or Rust Embedded development.

We aim to strengthen your team by bringing in Rust expertise that will reduce first-project risk, build your product faster and train your team members on the job.

Our services

Engineering + training

Our engineers are experienced in Rust and will help to speed up the development of your product. Wearing their trainer hat they will mentor and guide your developers, improving their skills on a day-to-day basis.

A team for your team

Our team augmentation service starts with a minimum of two of our engineers working with your team. Typically they will work two or three days a week each, giving you a full-time engineer, but with a better skill set and a higher bus factor.

What iHub has to say

Rust gives me the peace of mind to bring new developers in quickly, even in critical projects. That is because Rust’s language features and tools prevent subtle problems that for example, a developer in C++ needs years to master.

Bernard van Gastel

Head of iHub at Radboud University

More practical experience

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Team augmentation

We introduced Rust at Lightyear and currently provide team augmentation services. As part of the dev team we develop the Lightyear Core Platform in Rust, the cloud hosted platform that connects customers, vehicles and backend systems.

GAMA Space

Rust in space

We consulted the French company GAMA Space on Embedded Rust, and provide team augmentation services. GAMA works on solar sailing to enable deep space exploration and choose Rust as their core technology to ensure maximal reliability of their software systems.

Embedded RustAerospace

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