Safe software for tech startups

If software is a core component of your product, privacy and security are important from the start, before you scale up.

That is why we help companies such as Glanum Medical Devices, Soil Heroes and other (funded) tech startups to develop secure digital products.

Examples are the development of robust firmware for a medical device in Embedded Rust, or cloud native software for a secure platform for regenerative farming.

Our subjects

Digital product development

  • MVP development
  • Team-as-a-service
  • Agile development process


  • Authentication using DigiD, IRMA
  • Protocol design & cryptography
  • Memory-safety with Rust

Development & operations

  • Backend & API development
  • Rust, Node.JS, Symfony
  • Secure operations & hardening
  • Docker & Kubernetes

Embedded software

  • Firmware & driver development
  • Embedded Rust
  • Power-efficient IoT
  • LoRaWAN, LTE, BLE and more

Tech we like

Rust. A fast and efficient system programming language with strong guarantees on memory safety and type safety. Checkout or visit our open-source page and blog for more.

Case: Soil Heroes

Soil Heroes is a startup that provides farmers with new and sustainable business models and income flows, helping them to farm with nature, rebuild soils and produce tasty and healthy crops.

We developed a groundbreaking platform to scale regenerative farming through the connection of farmers to business using impact data.

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Working with Tweede golf

We are a close group of engineers and developers with backgrounds in information security, mathematics and computer science. We think active collaboration is the most important condition for success. In the day-to-day operations, our self-organising team will work directly with your product owner in a way that suits both you and our developers. The result is that they feel closely involved with your ideas and allowing them to work iteratively and effectively.

Product vision to MVP
Our developers are comfortable in the consultant role, using their analytical skills to sharpen your ideas into an actionable plan. We look beyond the technology, and help you find the simplest solution possible.

In-house vs outsourced
Throughout our collaboration we aim to bridge that infamous gap of in-house vs. outsourced development. We do this by selecting small teams with all the required skills. Think of our teams as the natural extension of your product development team.

Whatever project you work on with us, large or small, you will always encounter a strong engineering mindset, the search for ever better software and tools, for elegant solutions and for secure and privacy-friendly software.

More on how we see the world

Say hello to Rust

Build your product for safety and reliability? We can help you get going with Rust more quickly, whether you want to start gently by exploring Rust with a talk or a workshop, or you seek to jump-start your Rust development.

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More practical experience

Blogs and cases you can use to judge our experience by

Featured project

Glanum Medical Devices

We are software partner of Glanum Medical Devices and we developed, among other things, the firmware (62304 compliant) for their latest heart rate monitoring (ECG) patch. That device received CE within 9 months from the start of the development.

Embedded RustMedTech

Clients & partners

Soil HeroesClient

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