Safe software for universities & foundations

For people dedicated to researching new technology for a safer internet, it is important that these often groundbreaking ideas find their way to real-life applications.

That is why we work closely with institutes such as the Privacy by Design Foundation and iHub (Radboud University) to further bring their work to the market.

Think of PoCs that demonstrate privacy-friendly applications with IRMA, or the memory-safe implementation of the Precision Time Protocol with support of the NLnet Foundation.

Our subjects


  • Proof-of-concepts and prototypes
  • Ready-for-production
  • Open-source software development


  • Protocol design & cryptography
  • Secure development
  • Authentication using identity wallet IRMA

Rust development

  • Memory-safe implementations
  • C/C++ interop (FFI)
  • Rust workshops

Tech we like

Rust. A fast and efficient system programming language with strong guarantees on memory safety and type safety. Checkout or visit our open-source page and blog for more.

Featured project: Cryptify

Cryptify is a privacy-friendly file transfer application, designed with the goal of making encryption easily accessible to everyone.

Files are encrypted specifically for the email address of the receiver. Therefore, they can only be decrypted by proving ownership of the email address using IRMA.

To facilitate the sharing and (short-term) storage of files, we built the back-end providing a simple API. Read more on our work here.

Working with Tweede golf

We are a close group of engineers and developers with backgrounds in information security, mathematics and computer science. We think active collaboration is the most important condition for success.

Often a collaboration starts with a common interest or belief. We might organize a workshop together or do a hack day to explore ideas we share.

We work on research projects on the one hand because we want to contribute to open-source software for a safer internet, and on the other because new technology fascinates us and keeps us sharp.

Whatever project you work on with us, large or small, you will always encounter a strong engineering mindset, the search for ever better software and tools, for elegant solutions and for secure and privacy-friendly software.

More on how we see the world

Say hello to Rust

We can help you get going with Rust more quickly, whether you want to start gently by exploring Rust with a talk or a workshop, or you seek to jump-start your Rust development.

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More practical experience

Blogs and cases you can use to judge our experience by

Featured project


TGuard is a web application for sending encrypted email messages with IRMA. It can be used as a stand-alone service, but is mainly aimed as a fallback for IRMAseal encrypted messages. IRMAseal is part of the Encryption 4 All project led by the Radboud University.
TGuard is open-source and can be found here.

Featured project

Project Pendulum

Running on millions of devices and servers, NTP and PTP are vital building blocks of the Internet and other critical infrastructure, providing correct and accurate time. The Pendulum project is building modern, open-source implementations of the Network Time Protocol and the Precision Time Protocol, read more.


Clients & partners

Internet Security Research GroupClient
Rust FoundationSilver Member
Privacy by Design FoundationPreferred partner

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