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  • Co-owner & Director of Open Source

As Director of Open Source Erik's main mission is to find new initiatives to participate in, and to secure funding for our running projects. Finding new collaborations with organizations that share our values ​​and goals, is a direction he likes to take: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together (he actually stole this quote from Marlon, but it still applies).

Within our team, he facilitates, takes a helicopter view, and connects. He is the keen analyst who asks exactly the right questions. Having studied physics and philosophy, he ended up in software through a detour.

Outside of work, he organizes Rust meetups and events - through the non-profit RustNL - and runs some track.

One of the hot topics in software security is memory safety. This article covers two questions: What is it? And why do we think it is worth investing in?
We're proud to announce that 5 October 2023 marked the first stable release of ntpd-rs!
Sovereign Tech Fund will support our effort to build modern and memory-safe implementations of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the Precision Time Protocol (PTP).