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Erik faciliteert, houdt overzicht en verbindt. Hij is de scherpe analyticus die precies de goede vragen stelt. Studeerde natuurkunde en filosofie en kwam via een omweg in de software terecht.

Bij Tweede golf werkt hij aan de financiering van onze open-source projecten en aan het opbouwen van partnerships met organisaties die onze waarden en doelen delen. Buiten het werk organiseert hij Rust meetups en is hij op de atletiekbaan te vinden.

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During the Rust meetup titled "Run Rust Anywhere" in Utrecht, August 2022, Dion talked about his Embedded Rust work.

December 21, 2022

Our year in Rust

Our year in Rust A company-changing year in a short story, begins with a thank you, for this new-found glory. We want to be clear in this prelude, It is to Rust we owe our gratitude.

I’ve organized a couple of Rust meetups in The Netherlands this year, and last was not least. On Nov 30 we had four very interesting talks and a cool crowd at the Rust in critical infrastructure meetup in Amsterdam. A round-up.

For the last couple of months we at Tweede golf have been working on implementing a Network Time Protocol (NTP) client and server in Rust. The project is a Prossimo initiative and is supported by their sponsors, Cisco and AWS. Our first short-term goal is to deploy our implementation at Let's Encrypt. The long-term goal is to develop an alternative fully-featured NTP implementation that can be widely used.

When iHub's Bernard van Gastel asked us to help them start with Rust, we were somewhat surprised by their bold step but absolutely happy to assist. In this article we'll describe how we went about designing a workshop for the iHub team.

In June 2020 Rust was voted Stack Overflow's Most Loved language for the 5th (!!!) year running. Stack Overflow is a leading resource for developers and its yearly developer survey the primary source for developers' preferences.