Our year in Rust

Co-owner & Director of Open Source
Our year in Rust

Our year in Rust

A company-changing year in a short story,
begins with a thank you, for this new-found glory.

We want to be clear in this prelude,
It is to Rust we owe our gratitude.

Commercial work is what made our company tick,
Now it was the time for an open-source trick.

For funding this work, putting money in our bank,
We have the NLnet Foundation to thank.

Now Statime keeps time; syncs your clock, so precise,
Making the network memory-safe, you know that's wise.

Our timing endeavors were just beginning
Why do one protocol, when with two you're swinging?

This one less precise, more internet-y
We were ecstatic to partner with ISRG

On Rust's versatility we continued to sail.
Spring came, and showed us a sunny trail

At Lightyear, the solar-powered star of Automotive,
we pitched Rust and they went full-on corrosive!

Next, Aerospace? One can only hope...
Putting software in space still felt out of scope.

Thanks to GAMA we can cross that of our list,
Soon a solar sail running Rust will exist!

A summer of love, was our next wish,
Meeting Rustaceans in real life, that is.

We organized meetups, visited London and Berlin,
Connecting with you all was a huge win.

A new connection that is worth special mention,
NLnet Labs, a group with only good intention.

On open-source infrastructure we will work together,
Aiming to make the internet better.

In autumn, we turned our eye to education,
As spreading Rust is in our mission declaration.

More students joining the Rust work-force,
That is the goal of the Rust 101 course.

Ending this year, exciting things are to come,
a collaboration with Ferrous Systems for one.

Our shining example, and friendly mentor,
We are proud to now go together.

The project's name cannot be disclosed at this hour.
A hint? A little tool with great power.

Our next year in Rust will be even more fun,
great people to meet, cool projects to run,

and last but not least, on top of these perks,
the gift of code that - when it compiles - just works.


This was our little story. The things we were able to do thanks to everyone that contributed to Rust. A kind of celebration that we hope you can take joy in.

Thank you, Rust. Thank you, Rust project. Thanks to all who created the language, tools, ecosystem, and community we were able to build on.

Ooh, and thanks to ChatGPT for reminding us of the importance of rhymes.

PS If you didn't make it into this story, it is down to our creative limitations and fear of creating even more horrible rhythms and rhymes.

Co-owner & Director of Open Source

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