January 10, 2023

Low power & low frustration (video)

During the Rust meetup titled "Run Rust Anywhere" in Utrecht, August 2022, Dion talked about his Embedded Rust work.

The talk encompasses a tour of Embedded Rust, available runtimes, a dive into Embassy, and of course, a demo!

Check it out here:

Slides of the talk are here.

The meetup was organized by the Rust NL meetup group, of which I am one the organizers, and was hosted by Infi 1.

Feel free to contact me (erik@tweedegolf.com) if you'd like to get involved in organizing meetups in the Netherlands. We'd love to see more people contributing to our meetups!

1: A short write-up (Dutch) on Infi's website is here.

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September 5, 2023

Are we embedded yet?

Rust is maturing and every year more software is being made with it. In fact, Rust can be used as a competitor to C. In this article I will argue that this is now also the case for embedded Rust!
A while ago, in 2020, I wrote a blog post similar to this one. Sure, it has a bit of a clickbait-y title, but it couldn't be more accurate. At the time I was full of amazement about the way Rust tackles embedded software development. I forsaw great things for Rust's future, even though Rust and its ecosystem were yet not quite mature. We're 3 years further down the road right now, which is like 300 Rust years as Rust is progressing fast. About time for an update!