Pioneering Rust in High Tech

Pioneering Rust in High Tech

Pioneering Rust in the high-tech industry!

Together with High Tech Software Cluster, we organized an event to showcase Rust’s strengths and safety features to tech companies in the Brainport region in the Netherlands.

The talks

I welcomed the 40+ developers, architects and tech decision makers, and introduced the line-up for the event:

  • What’s Rust all About, by Dion Dokter
  • To C or not to C, by Jos Wetzels
  • Embedding Rust, by Wouter Geraedts
  • Rust at Lightyear, by Jorrit Salverda

The talks covered both techical details as well as the questions, "Why should I use Rust?", and "How can I start using Rust?".

What's Rust all about

Dion kicked off the evening with an introduction to Rust, the tooling and the application of Rust for embedded systems.

Embedded devices built with Rust
Slide from Dion's talk: Embedded devices being built with Rust

Slides: What's Rust all about.

To C or not to C

Jos is a security researcher at Midnight Blue and talked about how they discovered 100+ vulnerabilities in 14 popular TCP/IP stacks. He showed the problems that are inherent when developing in C, and about the shortcomings of existing tools and methods (testing, fuzzing etc) to try and mitigate those problems.


Testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never their absence!

Slides: To C or not to C

Embedding Rust

Wouter, hardware engineer and Rust developer, walked us through the process of using Rust in an existing project, answering the question: how can I take advantage of Rust ("Strict, Safe, Efficient"), without having to start from scratch?

Using Rust in your existing project
Slide from Wouter's talk: Using Rust in your existing project

Slides: Embedding Rust

Rust at Lightyear

Jorrit is a software architect at Lightyear, and gave us insight into why Lightyear chose Rust and how they use it in the development of the Lightyear Core Platform.

Slide from Jorrit's talk: Rust at Lightyear

Thank you

More information on the event can be found on the High Tech Software Cluster website.

I want to thank everyone who attended this evening! And special thanks to the speakers Dion Dokter, Jos Wetzels, Wouter Geraedts, Jorrit Salverda and our fellow sponsors High Tech Software Cluster and Technolution.

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NLR, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, invited embedded lead Dion to explain the benefits of programming in Rust to the company.