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Dion is an experienced Rust and embedded software developer who has worked in a lot of projects. The experience comes in the form of knowledge about a plethora of communication technologies (including LoRaWAN, LTE and UWB), a focus on well-architected code and a drive for innovation. His skills and creativity can take a project from an idea to a full product and allow him to give advice about what is possible within the given project bounds and about how to maximize the results.

Dion has created and maintains several open-source projects:

  • nrf-modem: An async Rust wrapper around the modem library for the nRF9160
  • stackdump: A set of tools to make memory dumps and read them out as a stack trace for crash reporting
  • statime: A PTP stack written in Rust

He has also contributed to:

  • embassy: An async runtime for embedded devices in Rust
  • stm32h7xx-hal: A hardware abstraction layer for the STM32H7 chips
  • dw1000-rs: An extensive driver for the DW1000 chip

In his spare time, his creativity tends to find musical outlets. Dion plays the piano and regularly works on electronic music.

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NLR, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, invited embedded lead Dion to explain the benefits of programming in Rust to the company.

TrustZone-m is a technology by ARM that allows you to create a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in your software. You can use it for example to keep your encryption keys secret or to separate a big vulnerable networking stack from your own code.

Over the last three months I've been working on a set of crates (Rust libraries) with the aim of making the usage of TrustZone-m a lot easier.

January 12, 2023

Crash! And now what?

Imagine you've just deployed an embedded device in the world and of course, you have tested it thoroughly and it works. To monitor the device, you've set up some logging.

Open-source work

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Statime is an initiative of Tweede golf, a work-in-progress implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Rust.

High-precision timing is part of crucial networking infrastructure. With Statime we aim to provide a memory-safe alternative for existing implementations.

The first milestones of the project were kindly co-funded by the NLnet Foundation.

Statime is part of Project Pendulum.





An embedded-nal implementation for the nRF9160 (built on top of the nrfxlib rust crate).

Other than exposing the NAL, it also implements enabling and disabling the modem when required automatically.





A set of rust crates for making stack dumps and getting stack traces out of them.

Developed and maintained by Dion.