May 30, 2023

ntpd-rs: NTP for the modern era (video)

At RustNL 2023, a Rust conference held in Amsterdam recently, I had the opportunity to talk about ntpd-rs, our project implementing the Network Time Protocol.

Time synchronization is a crucial but often overlooked component of the internet. In the talk, you can learn how time synchronization works, and how our Rust implementation of the Network Time Protocol keeps the internet in sync.

ntpd-rs is part of Pendulum, our project building modern, open-source implementations of NTP and PTP, the Precision Time Protocol. Pendulum focuses on security and robustness and uses Rust to guarantee memory safety.

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Sovereign Tech Fund will support our effort to build modern and memory-safe implementations of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the Precision Time Protocol (PTP).
The latest release of ntpd-rs compiles on several new targets: the FreeBSD and macOS operating systems now work, and ntpd-rs now supports musl libc on Linux. The PRs adding support for these platforms are all community contributions, which is very exciting.

This article is an adaptation of the original, published by Prossimo.

We're happy to announce that the Internet Security Research Group has officially made us the maintainers of the open-source memory-safe implementation of NTP, ntpd-rs. As such, we are now also looking for early adopters.

The implementation includes a server and client, as well as full support for Network Time Security (NTS), which brings encryption and greater integrity to time synchronization. Timing is precise and stable, as reflected by excellent performance in the NTP pool.