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  • Embedded software engineer
  • tamme@tweedegolf.com

Tamme literally biked to his first day at Tweede golf from Vienna, because it was more efficient than going by train.

He likes it when things just work. He enjoys a deep-dive into the requirements of a project, prioritizes quality over quantity, and - believe it or not - he can write his own documentation well.

With both an educational and professional background in industrial applications of embedded software, Tamme's experience stretches from FPGAs to Industrial automation protocols.

When he isn't working (or biking who knows where...), you may find him bouldering or honing his photography skills.

Open-source work

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ntpd-rs is an implementation of NTP completely written in Rust, with a focus on exposing a minimal attack surface. In this blog post the process of implementing a new open-source version of the Network Time Protocol is explained.

The project originates from ISRG's Prossimo, as part of their mission to achieve memory safety for the Internet's most critical infrastructure. Prossimo funded the initial development of the NTP client and server, and NTS support. The NTP initiative page on Prossimo's website tells the story.

ntpd-rs is part of Project Pendulum.


Statime is an initiative of Tweede golf, a work-in-progress implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Rust.

High-precision timing is part of crucial networking infrastructure. With Statime we aim to provide a memory-safe alternative for existing implementations.

The first milestones of the project were kindly co-funded by the NLnet Foundation.

Statime is part of Project Pendulum.