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Marc has heaps of experience in machine coding, C, C++ and more recently, Rust. He is interested in software verification and his main focus is using artificial intelligence to perform proofs. He is also tenacious. Once a course of action has been chosen, Marc is the one to sort out the details, dot the i's and cross the t's.

It makes sense then that Marc is mostly working on secure systems programming; for example, he is part of the team working on sudo-rs, a re-implementation of sudo/su in Rust.

In the past, Marc has worked as a teacher and researcher at Radboud University - Computing Science, of course, teaching courses like 'Software Analysis', writing articles like ´Efficient Verification of Optimized Code´. He was also part of the University's Security Group. He now continues to share his expertise on the Rust 101 project.

In his spare time, Marc is often inspired by the non-digital world, particularly history and analogue photography.

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Rust 101

Rust 101 is a university course for computer science students, introducing the Rust Programming Language, and is available for anyone who wants to teach Rust.

Have a look at our blog post introducing the course.

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For some time, we have been quietly laying the groundwork for a new implementation of sudo in Rust. Now we are excited to talk about it!