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  • Security software engineer
  • david@tweedegolf.com

David made the switch to Tweede golf in the fall of 2020. His goal: to contribute to the privacy and security-related projects at Tweede golf, work he previously performed for the Privacy by Design Foundation as one of the core developers of IRMA. combines his work for Tweede golf with a PhD in physics.

It soon became clear that David is a good fit for the team. Broadly interested, friendly, and a meticulous analyst. Give him a complex problem and he can get to the core of the matter in no time.

In the future, David wants to focus on embedded software development, in order to continue to broaden his knowledge.

In his spare time, David plays the piano and likes to show his competitive side in programming contests. For example, he went to the World programming championships for students.


Blog posts by David

It is common wisdom that one should avoid implementing their own cryptography if at all possible. This is generally good wisdom as writing correct cryptography code can be very tricky and takes quite a bit of time to get done right.

KubiKey as a project started out with one main goal: streamline and make more secure the process of accessing the kubernetes cluster used by Tweede golf.