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Yes really, a second Marlon. And a very special one at that. Marlon likes a challenge. He functions best in a close-knit team where the bar is set high. Collaboration is very important to him and he wants to continue to develop in this area. He also wants to deepen his knowledge on a technical level.

For the optimal gaming experience, he has a PC couch gaming setup at home via a Raspberry Pi; but he is not behind it 24/7. He also enjoys going to festivals, traveling and playing bass guitar.

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Not all Tweede golf projects are about deep technical challenges. Today, we’d like to talk about a project called Mindsort, to show what this fun project is about and also to give some insight into how we collaborated closely with a university research institute.

If one person at Tweede golf is a Rustacean, it’s definitely Wouter. Whether it’s about web, embedded, or even games: he tried it. And probably not just tried it, but prototyped, created, documented, presented, and nailed it. Just take a look at Wouter’s GitHub page[1]. He’s also engaged in the Rust community as an organizer of RustFest, member of the Dutch Rust foundation, and as maintainer of several open-source crates. He believes that Rust is well on its way to perfection.

August 14, 2020

Functional Rust? (4/5)

Lars started at Tweede golf about a year ago. We lured him in with the prospect of working on a cool embedded project in Rust. Since then he clocked a lot of Rust hours on it and on a research project we are running. Still, he manages to astound us with critical notes on Rust. Rightly so? Let's just say interviewing a functional programming purist like Lars gives us a lot of new perspectives around Rust.