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If one person at Tweede golf is a Rustacean, it’s definitely Wouter. Whether it’s about web, embedded, or even games: he tried it. And probably not just tried it, but prototyped, created, documented, presented, and nailed it. Just take a look at Wouter’s GitHub page[1]. He’s also engaged in the Rust community as an organizer of RustFest, member of the Dutch Rust foundation, and as maintainer of several open-source crates. He believes that Rust is well on its way to perfection.

Augustus 14, 2020

Functional Rust? (4/5)

Lars started at Tweede golf about a year ago. We lured him in with the prospect of working on a cool embedded project in Rust. Since then he clocked a lot of Rust hours on it and on a research project we are running. Still, he manages to astound us with critical notes on Rust. Rightly so? Let's just say interviewing a functional programming purist like Lars gives us a lot of new perspectives around Rust.

Marlon is the rookie at Tweede golf, joining us a few months back. He started out with Rust not too long ago and is therefore the guy to talk to about his learning experience with Rust.

Progressive Web Apps have been around for a while and we - being the eager, happy web devs that we are - have already incorporated them in our standard practices. Faster loading times, offline availability, full-screen, notifications. Great.

Je bent de technische eindbaas, CTO of anderszins tech lead, en je hebt net een stevig softwaretraject achter de rug. Je had bij aanvang alles goed neergezet en je team goed voorbereid. En toch, gaandeweg bleken niet alle technische keuzes even goed uit te pakken en was er vaak extra effort nodig. Stakeholders werden ongeduldig en toonden steeds minder begrip. Herkenbaar?

Als je, net zoals ik, heel graag (lees: bijna dwangmatig) wil maken/bouwen/coderen, dan stopt dat natuurlijk niet als je de deur van kantoor achter je dicht trekt. Ook als ik niet bij Tweede golf ben is er altijd wel iets waaraan ik bezig ben. Mijn meest uit de hand gelopen pet project is toch wel mijn home-automation-system. Mijn appartement is inmiddels behoorlijk slim. Met microservices en al.

Maart 4, 2015


A revolution in human-machine interaction? Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have received a revived interest due to the development of devices like the Oculus Rift and Microsoft's Hololens.

Nowadays most VR applications are native games that are developed with tools like Unity and Unreal. These games have to be downloaded from the regular app stores, or from other app stores that have been set up by manufacturers of virtual reality headsets, like the Samsungs Gear VR app store.

The history of virtual reality (VR) dates back to the 1950's. Since then, a lot of - sometimes quite exotic - devices have been developed.